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A Vision of
Hope, Help, and Healing

Long-term recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction opens a world of possibilities. NCADD provides the opportunity for recovery through information, education, and support.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase awareness about the devastating effects of alcoholism and drug dependency on the individual, the family, and the community.

Our Commitment

NCADD has committed more than 50% of its efforts to underserved communities across Mississippi.

Announcements & Events

NCADD 12 for 12 Program
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For millions of individuals and family members, alcohol is a source of devastating pain and loss.

Drugs, legal and illegal, are consumed across cultures and are used for a wide variety of reasons.


Many drugs are addictive and the state of addiction to drugs is known as drug dependence.

We offer prevention programs for schools, organizations, and communities.


  • Providing quality substance use disorder prevention education for all ages in the community

  • Understanding alcohol, alcoholism, drugs, and drug dependence

  • Identifying the effect they have on those who use them


  • Assisting in the recovery process with our substance addiction treatment programs.

  • Customized care to help address your individual treatment requirements, giving each person the best chance for recovery


  • Fostering a healthy and supported recovery community in the Central MS area

  • Peer-led Support Services designed to improve treatment outcomes and sustain sobriety.

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